About Us


My name is Amanda, the creator behind Coast + Clay. I love to create, design, and craft all the things. At Coast + Clay, we believe in expressing yourself, being confident, and rocking each and every day. We create pieces to help you do just that. I believe that accessories are the sprinkles to an outfit, and they can only make it better.
From a young age, I loved to craft and create. Crafting was my hobby . I used it as my outlet. As I began college, I put my artsy side on the back burner. I didn't enroll in art classes and I struggled to find time to channel my creative side. Eventually, I realized by ignoring this part of me, I lost a bit of myself. I decided to channel back into my creativity and Coast + Clay was born. 
I took a leap and decided to make my hobby into more. My heart explodes with happiness knowing that my work brings smiles to all of you. Coast + Clay allows me to express myself. It allows me to grow and learn. Most of all, it allows me to do something I truly love. At Coast + Clay, we believe that you should always do more of what makes YOU happy.  I hope that you read this, and it inspires you, too. Thank you for supporting my little dream.